Jennifer Martin Rieck is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor in Libertyville, Illinois. She has a passion for bringing the principles of Mental Health and Psychology to every day situations, relationships, and stories. Having personal experience with divorce and remarriage, having a blended family, and being a step-mother, adoptive mother, and biological mother to four daughters, Jenn understands the complicated nature of relationships and the obstacles and challenges that sometimes make relational and emotional health a struggle.

Jenn has always had a love of creative writing and Psychology. With the philosophy that personal growth is most likely to occur in those who can sustain a posture of humility, introspection, and curiosity, she hopes to inspire others towards this posture. Using inspiration from her own life experiences, and pulling information from her education in Mental Health, she hopes to inspire and educate others in a way that empowers them to experience grace, growth, and connection, whether that be through the website or through working together in counseling.

Jenn is located in Libertyville, Illinois, and is partnering with Grow Therapy online in a joint mission to increase access to affordable counseling. For more practice information and for getting started with your own therapy, please find Jenn on Psychology Today or Grow Therapy.


Hello, and thanks so much for visiting epijennetics.com!

When I was growing up I had so many questions about what I saw around me. I didn’t understand so many things, especially the pain of other people, the pain I felt, and the pain in my family. Unfortunately, nobody in my life seemed to have the answers either. I didn’t get answers for many years.

When I was in my twenties I started scouring the internet for information about relationships, mental health, and psychology. I was desperate for answers. After a short-lived career in Microbiology, I discovered that it was people that I wanted to understand, not bacteria. After having three daughters, I went back to graduate school for Mental Health Counseling. There I discovered many, many answers to my questions. By then I was already in my forties.

I kept thinking to myself, “this is what I needed to know: this is what people need to know!” After graduating, I took a job in private practice and I absolutely love hearing the stories of people I get the privilege to work with. But it just isn’t enough. Knowledge belongs to everyone, not just people who get the privilege of attending six years of college, or have access to therapy. I want everyone to have it and the best way to spread it, that I can think of, is to give it to all of you!

I hope that you find answers to your questions, and that you can turn around and give them to someone else!


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