Take Control of Your Mind

Epijennetics.com, previously thinkagainjenn.com, was inspired by the science of Epigenetics. Epigenetics is the study of how your behaviors and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work, without altering actual DNA itself. This is thought to be the process that is behind transgenerational trauma, or the effects of trauma that are passed down through families. Not only is the impact of traumatic events passed down, but often harmful relationship patterns and belief systems are as well.

Epijennetics, the website, is intended to provide content that is easy to digest but powerfully transformative if applied to ones life. Each blog included is intended to present Psychological concepts that I hope will inspire you to explore the various ways that thought life impacts behavior and feelings. Thoughts are often automatic and unconscious, having been the result of messages received from others or experiences with others. These thoughts not only come from experiences in ones life directly, but also through transgenerational patterns and beliefs. Concepts in blog articles are pulled from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Schema Therapy, Narrative Therapy, as well as other counseling theories.

It is my honest belief that inside of each of us is the capacity to transform our lives through renewed thinking, intentional behavioral change, and new relational experiences. It is my hope that through reading the content presented you can gain new insight into the ways that your thoughts and beliefs have led you down futile roads. I hope that the road ahead presents opportunities for growth and change, and that you can see them as such. I hope that when your thoughts are hindering you, not helping you, that you can back up and think again, hence preventing falling into self-defeating patterns and reactivity.

“The energy or active exercise of the mind constitutes life.”


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